It’s hard not to hear just how easily melodies are wrung from the hands of an old soul like Sam Wilson. Resembling eyespots on moth wings, Sam’s music wards off what preys upon our tenderness. More than easy listening, her compositions are outright easy going. Passing over edgier idioms preoccupying much of non-commercial jazz these days, the Canadian resident returns the genre to its simpler roots, connecting post-bop energy with contemporary production techniques.” - Todd B. Gruel

Pop Matters on the album Groundless Apprehensions

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Sam Wilson is a canadian guitarist whose practice as a performer-composer focuses on creating instrumental music for improvisers. She blends her early love of fingerstyle guitar with her love of jazz into her guitar playing. Her albums ‘Into a Heart Pt. II’ and ‘New Doors’ (Jackson\Wilson Duo) both won Music Nova Scotia’s ‘Jazz Recording of the year’ in 2022 and 2023. In 2021 Sam won the Paul Cram Creation award and composed her first piece for orchestra, ‘Recover-we’, which was performed by Symphony Nova Scotia at the 2023 Open Waters Festival. Her forthcoming album  as a leader titled 'Wintertides' is a trio project featuring Jen Yakamovich and Geordie Hart. Sam frequently performs with the acclaimed trombonist Andrew Jackson in their award winning project the ‘Jackson\Wilson Duo’ and plays with Nicola Miller and Gabriella Ciurcovich in their collective trio ‘Yarrow’. 

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