FICTIONAL MUSIC: In 2023 I was apart of a site specific performance lead by Tom Richards. The performance was recorded and Tom made a beautiful short film of it. "Occupying four floors of the Halifax Central Library, Tom Richards' Fictional Music weaves together elements of architecture and literature. On every level you will find a group of musicians, each playing a part in the composition. As you pass from one floor to the next, you will hear one element fade out and another emerge. In this way, you can “mix” the music by moving through the space. Fictional Music asks “Can a library become a labyrinth? Can sound be a cypher? Is our experience a mirror for the stories we tell?”

NOW.HERE.THIS: Last December I wrote a piece titled ‘Waterside’ for Upstream Music Association's video project NOW.HERE.THIS “a streaming music performance documentary that uses chance and randomizing algorithms to create a new and unique viewing experience every time.”  Check it out the film here: