‘With a lyrical sensitivity to her instrumental compositions, her music draws listeners in with subtlety and introspective levity. Bringing a distinctive angle to her jazz-informed arranging, she creates nuanced space for improvisation and discovery…’- Upstream Music association.

Sam Wilson is a guitarist, composer, bandleader and private guitar instructor. Painting pictures with sound, her compositions reflect her love of jazz, improvised and instrumental music, stemming from varied musical traditions. 

Oscillating between the worlds of improvisation and composition in her practice, Sam holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz studies from St. Francis Xavier University and continues to develop her interests in less academic environments. She composes for her solo guitar project, the ever- evolving small group project that ranges from duo to quintet and for commissions. In the fall of 2020 she was commissioned to write a piece for the Upstream Music Association and at the 2021 Open Waters Festival she was awarded the Paul Cram Creation Award by Upstream Music Association. She is currently writing a piece to be performed at the 2022 Open Waters Festival. Sam has also been involved in other creative music projects such as ‘Seeds’ with suddenlyLISTEN and Andrew Mackelvie's Forming Ensemble. 

Her 2019 debut release Groundless Apprehensions was nominated ‘Jazz Recording of the Year’ for the Nova Scotia Music Awards and the East Coast Music Awards. Groundless Apprehensions is a post-bop modern jazz compilation. On September 25th, 2020, she released her 2017 EP Into A Heart as a reimagined full length album on Muzak Records in Japan. This edition includes four new compositions and three original arrangements of jazz standards for solo guitar. The album was released independently in Canada on January 29th, 2021. Notable past performances include the Halifax Jazz Festival, Open Waters Festival, the 21st Century Guitar Conference and Deep Roots Music Festival, as well as supporting musicians at Prismatic Arts Festival and Nova Scotia Music Week. 

“With early steps this well formed, what will the rest of Sam Wilson’s journey sound like?” - The East Mag